Oaxaca field trip #1: Teotitlán del Valle

  My sister and nephew had come to visit me in Oaxaca, escaping the icy grip of the polar vortex in the frozen north. When you have been on the road for months, a visit from home is sweet. You may have gotten used to being solitary and invisible, but it’s nice to finally have […]

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Oaxaca: city of food and dance

  The bus wound down the mountain from the tiny Zapotec pueblos where I’d spent the past week. Cool, evergreen forests gradually gave way to heat, traffic, and congestion. To the valley floor where the city of Oaxaca sprawls in a dusty bowl surrounded by mountains. Outside the bus station, a mosh pit of taxis […]

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I’m baaaaack!

  Six months. That’s how long it’s been since my last post. Can’t say this long silence hasn’t bothered me. It’s been like an itch in a place I can’t scratch. I also can’t say I haven’t considered throwing in the towel for good and letting my little opus slide silently into the blog boneyard. […]

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Pueblos Mancomunados–authentic ecotourism in the mountains of Oaxaca

The city of Oaxaca is a destination for food.  (What these folks can do with chocolate, chili, tamarind, and a handful of secret ingredients will blow your taste buds.)  It’s also known for its strong indigenous culture, which, in turn, means lots of traditional dress, dance, and artesanal goods. Colorful shops and markets of all […]

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Step aside Egypt; Move over Greece. It’s Mexico’s turn.

  How come the Greeks and Romans have sucked up all the historic oxygen for centuries? How about a spotlight on equally interesting and advanced civilizations, like the Aztec (Mexica) and the Maya in Mexico, for example. Look in any direction in Mexico, and you’ll find the remains of civilizations almost as advanced as those […]

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