The Monarchs of Mexico (Butterflies, that is)

  “Well, since there are fewer butterflies and more violence in Michoacán, maybe you shouldn’t go there.” This wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but the advice was coming from Luis, my gentle Spanish teacher, whose family lives in Michoacán, and whose judgement I trusted. He explained that the violence I’d been hearing about was [...]

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What not to miss in Guanajuato. Maybe

  This post was supposed to be one of those number deals. You know, like: “25 Fantastic Sights You’ll Never Forget in Guanajuato!” But then I realized that you’d have to be blind and brain-dead to miss the best sights in Guanajuato. Simply in the course of walking through the narrow town at the bottom [...]

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Guanajuato-the city that silver built

  Guanajuato has been on my bucket list ever since a seat-mate on a plane told me about the beauty of this historic silver-mining town. In a place that once produced 20 percent of all the silver in the world, it’s not surprising to see sumptuous architecture, gilded churches, a plethora of theaters and museums–even [...]

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What happened when I lost my camera

  I had heard about Guadalajara’s market–the Mercado San Juan de Dios. It was huge–the second biggest market in Mexico, which is a country of markets. You can find anything there at bargain prices. As it turned out, not only was my hotel right above the Plaza de los Mariachis, but it was also just [...]

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  I am a very innocent drinker, as they say, but when one is in Guadalajara, one visits a tequila distillery. Gotta happen. After all, the entire agave-growing region around Tequila (Yes, there IS a town by that name.) is a UNESCO World Heritage site just for its tequila-making tradition. As one approaches Guadalajara, in [...]

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