Step aside Egypt; Move over Greece. It’s Mexico’s turn.

  How come the Greeks and Romans have sucked up all the historic oxygen for centuries? How about a spotlight on equally interesting and advanced civilizations, like the Aztec (Mexica) and the Maya in Mexico, for example. Look in any direction in Mexico, and you’ll find the remains of civilizations almost as advanced as those [...]

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Mexico City: all that and a lot more

  What comes to mind when you think of Mexico City? Violence? Drugs? Corruption? Pollution? People living in garbage dumps? Yeah, that’s why I was afraid to go there, too. In fact, after seeing the monarch butterfly sanctuary, I was planning to make a big circle around the city on my way to Oaxaca. Even [...]

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Faces of Mexico..and a peek ahead.

  Happy New Year to all my friends and faithful followers. As I’ve said many times: you make my travel rich and, always, you are the reason for this blog. Every time I think about quitting. Every time I’m tempted to just let my little opus slip quietly into the maw of the digital beast, [...]

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Merry Christmas! Here’s your holiday video surprise!

  Yesterday I was whining to myself about not having anything special for my Christmas Eve blog. Nothing cool like this video from Quinhagak, Alaska. Nothing remotely interesting like this light show on the side of a building across from Rockefeller Center in New York City that entranced me on a Christmas Eve walk down [...]

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How you can save the monarch butterflies

  I was sitting beside a path in the El Rosario Monarch Biosphere Preserve high in the mountains in central Mexico. It was noon, and the sun had finally warmed the air. As the warmth reached the monarch colonies, which had been hanging from the trees in gray clumps, flashes of orange appeared. Occasionally, an [...]

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