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Merry Christmas! Here’s your holiday video surprise!

  Yesterday I was whining to myself about not having anything special for my Christmas Eve blog. Nothing cool like this video from Quinhagak, Alaska. Nothing remotely interesting like this light show on the side of a building across from Rockefeller Center in New York City that entranced me on a Christmas Eve walk down […]

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Why you don’t need to be afraid

As for you do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink. Do not worry anymore. Luke 12: 29 It’s not unheard-of to walk away from normal life, sell your stuff, and travel. People do it. More people do it than you may think. But only two people whom I […]

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Peace Pilgrim–extraordinary wanderer

For almost 30 years, Peace Pilgrim traveled on foot with everything she owned in her pockets–a toothbrush, comb, a pencil. No backpack, no food, no shelter, no fancy performance wear.

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My run-in with the Mexican police

  This week, I’m interrupting our romp through Newfoundland for a little story that was prompted by this post from a well-known travel blogger. These folks are living in Mexico, and were stopped several times by the police for what they thought was la mordida –the little bribery “bite.” You can read their story on […]

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St. Anne’s Lobster Supper–and Some Fairy Dust

  I woke up in a dark mood this morning for no particular reason. In fact, I have every reason in the world to be joyful and grateful. But sometimes the neurotransmitters don’t get the memo. So, before noon the universe—or “grace” as I prefer to call it—had given me a nudge in the form […]

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