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Off-roading Angels

To be honest, I’m not fond of off-road vehicles. They’re loud and smelly, and they tear up the landscape. But when Keith and Robert pulled up in their monster truck, all tricked out with winches, straps, and four-wheel drive, I knew I was looking at an attitude adjustment. I had just crossed the state line into […]

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Benedictines in the Backwoods

I may have missed mass, but Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David, Arizona, had a lot more to offer.

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Hard times for Pancho Villa

  I blew into Columbus, New Mexico, in a duststorm. The kind that infiltrates every crevice of your vehicle, fills your mouth with dirt, and makes walking difficult. Columbus, New Mexico, is a half-horse town on the Mexican border. It has a single mission church and no bar, although I’m sure one was there somewhere. The library […]

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Creature of light

  “God put it on my heart to do this when I was sixteen. Jesus spoke to me three times one morning. It was like a voice I heard with my ears. He called me by my name and said, ‘Seek me and you will find me.’ ” Ordinarily, when a conversation takes this turn, […]

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Angel in a blue Mazda

  I am in Lafayette, Indiana, and I am lost. Not wandering, and not just a little lost. Very, very lost. So lost that, faced with a choice between continuing forward into the city or running the gauntlet of a shopping mall to the left, I turn right into the quiet streets of a neighborhood […]

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