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Judge Not…

How a small, unassuming man taught me to be less judgmental.

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Campfire Conversation

  She looked like someone’s ex-wife—middle-aged, blonde, a little overweight–as she marched determinedly down the two-track past my campsite. She had a rope tied around her waist which carried work gloves, a large knife, and a small water bottle. She was wearing lipstick, which seemed strange given her Tarzan/Jane getup. When I met her a […]

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Brother Casey–Desert monk

We talked about his spiritual practice, and mine, and I found out why this 68-year-old, who looks 10 years younger, lives in his car.

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Angel in a blue Mazda

  I am in Lafayette, Indiana, and I am lost. Not wandering, and not just a little lost. Very, very lost. So lost that, faced with a choice between continuing forward into the city or running the gauntlet of a shopping mall to the left, I turn right into the quiet streets of a neighborhood […]

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Weird little man from Wisconsin

“I called the cops on you.” The little man was encased in plastic raingear and was delighted to have caught me cheating the system…so he thought.

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