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Weekend in the Hamptons

  In the six months I’ve been in New York City, I’ve mostly circled around Manhattan with an occasional foray into the Bronx or Brooklyn. Manhattan is the tail that wags the dog in this town. Guidebooks take you on a street-by-street tour through Manhattan, and throw in the other boroughs as an afterthought. Or–they […]

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The Most Dismal Art in the Subway–NYC

  I am walking through one of those endless underground corridors at the Times Square subway station when I happen to look at the ceiling. A sign is bolted to the I-beam overhead. “Why Bother?” I’m taken aback. Is this a secret message? Maybe from some disgruntled transit worker? Who is this sign talking to? […]

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Easter Sunday-NYC

  Easter Sunday began for me on Saturday night–with the Easter Vigil Mass at the church around the corner. This church used to be Irish, and the old folks still “God bless ye” at daily mass. But the neighborhood is mostly Hispanic now, except for the newly gentrified pockets of younger, middle-class families. The Easter […]

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Subway Moments–NYC

  If you live in New York City, you ride the subway. (Unless you have a private car and driver, in which case, I doubt that you’d be reading this.) Cars are ridiculous here, what with the congestion, the parking, and the price of gas. If you live in the city, you want  a metro […]

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Roosevelt Island, NYC. Ghosts of the past; shadows of the future

  Roosevelt Island–two miles long and 800 feet wide–is a toothpick between Manhattan and Brooklyn in the East River. Of the handful of islands in the river, such as  Randall’s, Rikers, and North and South Brother Islands, Roosevelt is the southernmost one. It was not always so grandly named after a wartime president and New […]

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