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When life trumps plans

  So much for commitment. I was ready to go, remember? Ticket in hand. Gear collected. Bags packed. I ticked off details instead of sleeping. I was supposed to have left…last Monday. My daughter’s little family had been bumping back to normalcy. The baby was almost a month old. Dad and big brother were doing […]

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Backward glance

  “Buy this ticket.” Click. You are in your living room, surrounded by all your cozy and familiar things, and now you’ve gone and bought a ticket that will take you hundreds of miles away to a strange and unfamiliar place for the next handful of…days?…weeks?…or in my case, months, where everything from the language […]

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My travel attitude adjustment

  My name is Kate, and I’m a shy person. I’m also an introvert, which I guess goes with the territory. This doesn’t mean I can’t make eye contact or that I sit in a corner sucking my thumb. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy conversing with people; in fact, I love hearing people’s […]

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Balancing life

Acorns are falling on the roof again. The roof is tin, and the sound is like a rifle crack. In a couple weeks, when the nuts really get going, it will be like BBs pounding on my head. One year ago, Julia and I pulled into this driveway after our long summer trip through the […]

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Why you don’t need to be afraid

As for you do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink. Do not worry anymore. Luke 12: 29 It’s not unheard-of to walk away from normal life, sell your stuff, and travel. People do it. More people do it than you may think. But only two people whom I […]

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