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Wisdom from the Maya

  By 9am I was waiting for the bus back to Mérida. “En cinco minutos.” Time enough to run to the corner store for a Nescafé. Among the small group of locals waiting for the bus was a man with two bulging plastic bags. He was of indeterminate age and unremarkable appearance. He struck up […]

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Ivan drills a well

  The well was dry. Literally. I had just returned from my Canadian trip, and my trailer was parked in the driveway of the little cabin I was moving into. But it had been vacant for years, and the well had run dry. Literally. “Guess we’d better call Ivan,” said my brother-in-law. A week later […]

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Why you don’t need to be afraid

As for you do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink. Do not worry anymore. Luke 12: 29 It’s not unheard-of to walk away from normal life, sell your stuff, and travel. People do it. More people do it than you may think. But only two people whom I […]

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Peace Pilgrim–extraordinary wanderer

For almost 30 years, Peace Pilgrim traveled on foot with everything she owned in her pockets–a toothbrush, comb, a pencil. No backpack, no food, no shelter, no fancy performance wear.

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The most surly artist in Newfoundland

  The weather turned ugly as Julia and I headed back south on Newfoundland’s Viking Trail. What had been warm sun on bright sea only a few days before had turned to gray skies and wind-lashed foam. Pulling off at tiny Port au Choix, I did my level best to find a free place to […]

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