Infamous day

  Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, “a day that will live in infamy,” said President Franklin Roosevelt. Two weeks ago, I heard him say those words in a recording of his declaration of war. The broad, flat vowels of his patrician New York accent sounded Kennedyesque. (Or maybe Kennedy […]

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The best little bar-b-que in Texas

  Before leaving Oklahoma, I spotted a group of Texans circled like a wagon train in the campground. I identified them by their big, white diesels and monster rigs. (And also by their license plates.) One frosty morning, I joined them at their campfire, map in hand. Texas is a big state, and I wanted […]

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Bike race or suicide? You decide.

There’s racing, and then there’s suicide. I began to suspect that the mountain bike race at Tyler State Park just southeast of Dallas was in the suicide category when I returned to my campsite one afternoon to find a young man lying in the road, his bike beside him. Shit, I thought, envisioning blood and broken bones. […]

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Blessed are the poor in spirit…

  I am heading south along the eastern edge of Oklahoma. I have just left my sister’s house after 10 days of basking in the warm pool of family relations. Leaving people I love after extended visits always makes me feel sad and orphaned. My destination for the night is the Ouachita National Forest in […]

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Grandma Gail and the pinto beans

  Beaver’s Bend is a pretty Okalahoma state park in the southeastern corner of the state. In its inimitable way, the Army Corps of Engineers has left its mark on the Mountain Fork River, damming it up and creating the huge Broken Bow Reservoir that submerged the original Hochatown. I am at Beaver’s Bend State […]

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