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The Hookers of Chéticamp

  At the turn of the last century, families in Chéticamp were large. Livelihood was uncertain—mostly hard won from the sea, the land, and the forest. Life was hardscrabble. So what did the wives and mothers of Chéticamp do to bring in extra pocket money? They became hookers. And over time, the hookers of Chéticamp […]

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Arnold the Acadian

  It was laundry day. When you are traveling, it’s always a challenge to find a place to wash your clothes–those grungy campground clothes that you have probably worn long past decency. You won’t find handy roadside signs pointing to laundromats. They won’t appear in your guidebook or on your GPS. In fact, some towns […]

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The Story of Acadia

  Once upon a time (because all good stories begin that way) an Old World stubbed its toe on a New One, causing all kinds of fuss. The people who were already living there, well, they were easy to cheat, kill, or shove aside. That’s a sad story, but it’s not this story. The people […]

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Finding the Acadian Village-Caraquet, New Brunswick

  “We can make it to New Brunswick today,” said Julia, “It’s not that far.” She was right. After a restful night and a late start from Monsieur Berthelot’s field, the New Brunswick provincial line was only 150 miles. Not that far. Except that I’m a wimp behind the wheel, so by about 4pm (or […]

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