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Where the Vikings landed

  It was a perfect day for a road trip: bright sun on an azure ocean reflecting a cerulean sky. A day like this is not to be taken lightly in soggy Newfoundland. Julia and I had started early from Cow Head campground at the north end of Gros Morne National Park. We were heading […]

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Gros Morne-gateway to Newfoundland’s Viking Trail

  If you have a month to visit Newfoundland, you should follow the route I’ve been describing in the past few posts. You should see St. John’s and Cape St. Mary’s and rummage around on the back roads. But then, I wouldn’t advise you to visit Newfoundland for less than a month. Hear that, you […]

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Captain Cyril and the Whale Watch–Bay St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia

  What is it about a road that makes you want to follow it to the end? The tiny scratch meanders aimlessly across the map until it bumps into an impassable something: an ocean or a chasm or a tractless waste. What’s at the road’s end? Does someone live there? Is it awesomely beautiful or […]

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At the Ceilidh–Prince Edward Island

  No one may visit Prince Edward Island without attending a ceilidh. Not allowed. Can’t happen. All visitors to the island must attend a ceilidh. And eat a lobster supper, but I’ll deal with that in the next post. Ceilidh (pronounced KAY-lee) is a Gaelic word for a social gathering that usually involves music and […]

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The Story of Acadia

  Once upon a time (because all good stories begin that way) an Old World stubbed its toe on a New One, causing all kinds of fuss. The people who were already living there, well, they were easy to cheat, kill, or shove aside. That’s a sad story, but it’s not this story. The people […]

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