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The Man on Ghost Mountain

  I am camped in the broad expanse of Blair Valley in southern California. The closest town, Julian, lies almost 20 miles northwest and up several thousand feet from this high desert valley. A sandy two-track leads deep into the heart of the valley. If you drive almost three miles to the end of the […]

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Taking Stock @ 7 Months

Seven months ago I locked the back door of my house and left the key for the new owners. I was exhausted from six frenetic weeks of sorting, selling, boxing, and storing all my worldly goods. I sold or gave away a mountain of detritus—the lint and loose change that falls between the sofa cushions […]

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Judge Not…

How a small, unassuming man taught me to be less judgmental.

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Campfire Conversation

  She looked like someone’s ex-wife—middle-aged, blonde, a little overweight–as she marched determinedly down the two-track past my campsite. She had a rope tied around her waist which carried work gloves, a large knife, and a small water bottle. She was wearing lipstick, which seemed strange given her Tarzan/Jane getup. When I met her a […]

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Off-roading Angels

To be honest, I’m not fond of off-road vehicles. They’re loud and smelly, and they tear up the landscape. But when Keith and Robert pulled up in their monster truck, all tricked out with winches, straps, and four-wheel drive, I knew I was looking at an attitude adjustment. I had just crossed the state line into […]

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