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Gros Morne-gateway to Newfoundland’s Viking Trail

  If you have a month to visit Newfoundland, you should follow the route I’ve been describing in the past few posts. You should see St. John’s and Cape St. Mary’s and rummage around on the back roads. But then, I wouldn’t advise you to visit Newfoundland for less than a month. Hear that, you […]

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Trinity and the Skerwink Trail

  You can’t follow every road. Therein lies the crux of the traveler’s dilemma–too many roads, too many nooks and crannies. Too many tangents and digressions and detours to explore, either on a road trip or in a lifetime. So, which to choose? Which dirt road disappearing under a tree-covered canopy or winding into a […]

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St. John’s, Newfoundland–screech, jellybean houses, and Donnie Dumphy

  St. John’s, Newfoundland, is a city that makes you happy just to be there. After all, who can be be crabby in a town that is crammed with jellybean houses? How can you sulk in a city with a street (George St.) that has more pubs per square foot than any other in North […]

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Newfoundland rocks! In every way.

  The ferry nosed into the dock at Argentia. The rocky coasts were shrouded in fog that absorbed sound and obscured sight. It was 6am. Welcome to Newfoundland. We had boarded the Marine Atlantic ferry the previous afternoon in bright sun and 90°F (32C) heat. Some passengers (like us) lugged sacks overflowing with food and […]

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St. Anne’s Lobster Supper–and Some Fairy Dust

  I woke up in a dark mood this morning for no particular reason. In fact, I have every reason in the world to be joyful and grateful. But sometimes the neurotransmitters don’t get the memo. So, before noon the universe—or “grace” as I prefer to call it—had given me a nudge in the form […]

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