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O Canada!

  Time was, I felt sorry for all those Canuck travelers who attempted to flee the frozen tundra to thaw their toes for a week or two in our balmy southern climes. Back then, they paid dearly  for the idyll–back when our muscular dollar made travel to the US painfully expensive and travel to Canada […]

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The “Soo”

  Isn’t it odd how one person’s extreme northern frontier is another’s balmy southern coast depending on where you stand? And so it is with Sault Ste. Marie. To Michiganders, the “Soo” is a northern outpost of trappers and mushers. To the Canadians, Sault Ste. Marie is a thriving little burg hugging, as many Canadian […]

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Solo no more!

  Hey wait! It’s not what you think. No hookup. No romance. No campground high jinks. After two years of traveling solo, my lovely and well-grounded daughter decided to travel with me for my summer tour of the Canadian Atlantic Provinces. (Quick geography lesson: the Canadian Maritime Provinces include New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince […]

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