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Where the Vikings landed

  It was a perfect day for a road trip: bright sun on an azure ocean reflecting a cerulean sky. A day like this is not to be taken lightly in soggy Newfoundland. Julia and I had started early from Cow Head campground at the north end of Gros Morne National Park. We were heading […]

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Trinity and the Skerwink Trail

  You can’t follow every road. Therein lies the crux of the traveler’s dilemma–too many roads, too many nooks and crannies. Too many tangents and digressions and detours to explore, either on a road trip or in a lifetime. So, which to choose? Which dirt road disappearing under a tree-covered canopy or winding into a […]

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Artist of the Outports–David Blackwood

  Newfoundland is a place that dwarfs human life. It is surrounded by deep, black water and massive ocean icefields. It is covered with expanses of scrubby marsh and misty lumps of rocks. This landscape is brooding, barren, impassive. It puts you in your place. It is not a generous land; anything taken from its […]

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St. John’s, Newfoundland–screech, jellybean houses, and Donnie Dumphy

  St. John’s, Newfoundland, is a city that makes you happy just to be there. After all, who can be be crabby in a town that is crammed with jellybean houses? How can you sulk in a city with a street (George St.) that has more pubs per square foot than any other in North […]

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Newfoundland–a colony of gannets and a primer

  First, pronunciation. I used to think that”Newfoundland” was pronounced without vowels. Newf’ndl’nd. And NOW I realize that I have no idea how it is pronounced. Wikipedia says it’s NewFUNDland. But I’ve also heard NewFOUNDland or NewfoundLAND. (Canucks, please enlighten me.) Either way, all the syllables are painstakingly pronounced. Except if you’re from Quebec. Then […]

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