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Travel in Canada. The Cost

  Most of us like a little peek–under the hood, the skirts, the sheets. Whatever. To satisfy that niggling curiosity, here’s what our jaunt through Canada’s eastern provinces cost for Julia and I. Just in case you were thinking about doing a little jaunting through Canada yourself. In three months, we: Traveled about  6,000 miles […]

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Before Columbus there was Leif

  Clayton Colbourne began fishing when he was seven years old. This was not your daddy’s fishing where you sit on a quiet lake slowly baking in the midday sun, and maybe you end up with a couple of pan fish. Fishing in Newfoundland is serious business. When you fish in Newfoundland, you go out […]

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Newfoundland–a colony of gannets and a primer

  First, pronunciation. I used to think that”Newfoundland” was pronounced without vowels. Newf’ndl’nd. And NOW I realize that I have no idea how it is pronounced. Wikipedia says it’s NewFUNDland. But I’ve also heard NewFOUNDland or NewfoundLAND. (Canucks, please enlighten me.) Either way, all the syllables are painstakingly pronounced. Except if you’re from Quebec. Then […]

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