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A ride with the boss-man. Back from Batopilas (con’t.)

  I snuck a sideways glance at the dark, craggy man in the driver’s seat. There was nothing reassuring about his appearance, nor about the rattletrap truck that I now occupied a corner of. But I didn’t have many options for getting out of the canyon, nor did I have much time to fret. A […]

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The road to Batopilas

  I am no stranger to wretched roads. I’ve done the Alcan highway across Canada and to the tip of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. I’ve done Highway 1 through the length of Baja California. I’ve done miles of gravel. I’ve done mountain passes. I’ve done 20 percent grades hauling a 30-foot trailer. A one-lane […]

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Bottom of the world–Barrancas del Cobre

  El Barranca del Cobre–the Copper Canyon–is an expanse of wilderness in the Sierra Madre mountains in northern Mexico that is deeper and larger by many times than the Grand Canyon. It is inhabited by thousands of indigenous Tarahumara, a people known for their ability to run long distances, usually in sandals, and who often […]

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On the road again…to Mexico

  I am driving in my truck–the same vehicle that has faithfully hauled my butt across the continent for over two years when suddenly it hits me. This is it! I’m on the road again! My cabin is winterized. (A pernicious leak under the bathroom floor will wait till spring.) The place is mostly mouseproofed. […]

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