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  I am a very innocent drinker, as they say, but when one is in Guadalajara, one visits a tequila distillery. Gotta happen. After all, the entire agave-growing region around Tequila (Yes, there IS a town by that name.) is a UNESCO World Heritage site just for its tequila-making tradition. As one approaches Guadalajara, in […]

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Wandering in Guadalajara.

  I’ll get back to the tequila in the next post, but right now, let’s meander a bit in Guadalajara, shall we? Although Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico with about 4.4 million people in the greater metropolitan area, it didn’t end up being as overwhelming as I’d feared. It was actually a charming […]

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Tequila, mariachis, charros–the cultural trifecta of Jalisco

  In the Mexican state of Jalisco, three important strands of Mexican culture converge–the charro (cowboy) culture, the tequila-making tradition, and mariachi music–and you can hardly pry one from the other. I ask you, what could be sweeter than listening to the stirring and poignant strains of the mariachis while sipping tequila reposado with lime […]

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The kindness of (Mexican) strangers

  One of the delightful things about traveling in Mexico is the people. If I may generalize, Mexican people are dignified, hardworking, devout, family-oriented, and very, very kind. If you’ve spent much time in Mexico, you know this is true. If you haven’t, you may be experiencing some jarring dissonance between this statement and your […]

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On the road again…to Mexico

  I am driving in my truck–the same vehicle that has faithfully hauled my butt across the continent for over two years when suddenly it hits me. This is it! I’m on the road again! My cabin is winterized. (A pernicious leak under the bathroom floor will wait till spring.) The place is mostly mouseproofed. […]

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