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Bryant Park. The jewel in the heart of Manhattan.

  Springtime in New York City took me by surprise. I hadn’t expected so many blooming things–hyacinth, tulip, daffodil, redbud, and lots of stuff I couldn’t identify. I didn’t expect the streets in my neighborhood to become so vibrant or the parks so full. Playgrounds were a hive of small moving bodies. Families picnicked all […]

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Apartment living–Inwood, Manhattan

  Spring has come to New York City. Today I found a few bedraggled crocuses blooming beneath a light mulch of trash. Daffodils are up in Inwood Park. People are out with dogs and strollers. The Dominican baseball teams are reving up for the spring season. These Dominicans take their baseball seriously. All this makes […]

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What you get for $1800/month in New York City

It’s been decades since I lived in an apartment. Where I come from, apartment living is something you outgrow, like being vegetarian or piercing weird body parts. When you “grow up,” you get to have a mortgage, a lawn to mow, and a furnace to replace. Not in New York City. Everyone lives in apartments […]

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Dogs and traffic in NYC

Come to New York City as a tourist, and you see the lights; you feel the energy; the tall buildings close in on every side. You walk bedazzled and amazed–Broadway! Times Square! Central Park! Place names you’ve heard since childhood. New York City is a vast and storied place where historic moments have taken place. […]

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Sweet Praise

It was Estephany’s smile that hooked me. In a town where no one makes eye contact, the street can be a bruising place if you’re not used to it (and maybe even if you are). I walked in to Sweet Praise, a restaurant near Broadway and Isham, to her broad smile and cheery welcome. It […]

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