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Apartment living–Inwood, Manhattan

  Spring has come to New York City. Today I found a few bedraggled crocuses blooming beneath a light mulch of trash. Daffodils are up in Inwood Park. People are out with dogs and strollers. The Dominican baseball teams are reving up for the spring season. These Dominicans take their baseball seriously. All this makes […]

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What you get for $1800/month in New York City

It’s been decades since I lived in an apartment. Where I come from, apartment living is something you outgrow, like being vegetarian or piercing weird body parts. When you “grow up,” you get to have a mortgage, a lawn to mow, and a furnace to replace. Not in New York City. Everyone lives in apartments […]

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Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge–the iconic NYC walk

Saturday was fabulously balmy in New York, so I scrapped my indoor plans and decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge instead. After all, how often does a warm, sunny day in January happen? This is one of the iconic New York experiences.  And it’s free! How often does that happen in New York City? The Brooklyn Bridge […]

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Christmas shopping, Manhattan

  Never shop for Christmas in a bad mood. Christmas shopping is challenging enough even in the most cheery of moods, what with the crowds, the cold, the awful muzak, the expense. Throw a foul attitude into the mix, and the results are toxic. I don’t exactly know why I was in a bad mood, not that it matters, but […]

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Occupy Wall Street-Manhattan New York

  It is small,  loud,  disorganized, and motley. But despite, or maybe because of, these qualities, Occupy Wall Street thrives. Without leaders, without a unified message, without clear demands, the movement has the tenacity of a dandelion. When I got to New York City at the end of October, the big marches had already happened; […]

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