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Halloween in Manhattan, New York City

  Two million people. That’s the equivalient of two cities of Detroit dumped into a mile-long corridor along 6th Avenue in Manhattan. It’s the West Village Halloween parade. What else? Frankly, I almost didn’t go. The thought of swimming through that mosh pit on a Monday night was unappealing, to say the least. But…how often will I be […]

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Dogs and traffic in NYC

Come to New York City as a tourist, and you see the lights; you feel the energy; the tall buildings close in on every side. You walk bedazzled and amazed–Broadway! Times Square! Central Park! Place names you’ve heard since childhood. New York City is a vast and storied place where historic moments have taken place. […]

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Surviving Hurrican Irene.

After the earthquake in New York last week, I was primed for Irene, the massive hurricane that was supposed to wreak havoc on this star-crossed region. Windows in the apartment where I’m staying were taped. Canned food, candles, and water were gathered. My son-in-law even created a little bunker in a hallway of the apartment. Friday dawned […]

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Sweet Praise

It was Estephany’s smile that hooked me. In a town where no one makes eye contact, the street can be a bruising place if you’re not used to it (and maybe even if you are). I walked in to Sweet Praise, a restaurant near Broadway and Isham, to her broad smile and cheery welcome. It […]

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My “hood”-Inwood east of Broadway

Guys hanging out on the stoop, kids playing ball in the park, abuelas in the tiny markets–everyone speaks Spanish here on the east side of Broadway in the Inwood district. But this is the Spanish of the Dominican Republic, because that’s where most Inwood residents come from. It’s the same old story. The new immigrants move in, […]

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