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Farewell to Canada

  September was half over. Days in Newfoundland were becoming short and wet. Like migrating birds, we were drawn toward home. From the back of the ferry, I watched the misty lump of Newfoundland disappear with a bitter-not-sweet sense of loss. The place had romanced us with its warmth and quirkiness, and unlike Julia, I […]

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The “Soo”

  Isn’t it odd how one person’s extreme northern frontier is another’s balmy southern coast depending on where you stand? And so it is with Sault Ste. Marie. To Michiganders, the “Soo” is a northern outpost of trappers and mushers. To the Canadians, Sault Ste. Marie is a thriving little burg hugging, as many Canadian […]

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Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. The stuff of memories

  You might think that memories from growing up in Detroit would be tinged with gray and scented with diesel fumes and burned rubber, but you’d be wrong. Some of my favorite childhood memories from Detroit include: eating blintzes my grandfather brought from Eastern Market the downtown Hudson’s building at Christmas the Fisher Building at […]

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Back to being trailer trash

  My trailer looked very small and frail beside my son’s big pole barn where it had spent the winter. Before I left for New York City last October, I had cleaned its rubber roof and waxed its fiberglass skin; I’d scrubbed its innards, emptied its tanks, blown out its pipes, and filled them with […]

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My 7 Super Shots

  No, not that kind of shot. Silly. What were you thinking? When Erik over at the travel blog On My Feet or In My Mind invited me to participate in a photography project sponsored by Hostelbookers, I was nonplussed. I am so totally NOT a photographer. Photos in this blog are just decoration, colorful bread crumbs that lead […]

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