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How you can save the monarch butterflies

  I was sitting beside a path in the El Rosario Monarch Biosphere Preserve high in the mountains in central Mexico. It was noon, and the sun had finally warmed the air. As the warmth reached the monarch colonies, which had been hanging from the trees in gray clumps, flashes of orange appeared. Occasionally, an […]

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El Rosario–Sitting in a river of butterflies

  I hadn’t planned to go to Angangueo. Or to the nearby El Rosario colony of monarch butterflies.  I had heard that El Rosario was a circus, with mobs of visitors and all the associated lunacy–trinkets, food carts, souvenirs. I wanted to miss all that. Fortunately, I met Diane during my stay at the first […]

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The Monarchs of Mexico (Butterflies, that is)

  “Well, since there are fewer butterflies and more violence in Michoacán, maybe you shouldn’t go there.” This wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but the advice was coming from Luis, my gentle Spanish teacher, whose family lives in Michoacán, and whose judgement I trusted. He explained that the violence I’d been hearing about was […]

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On the road again…to Mexico

  I am driving in my truck–the same vehicle that has faithfully hauled my butt across the continent for over two years when suddenly it hits me. This is it! I’m on the road again! My cabin is winterized. (A pernicious leak under the bathroom floor will wait till spring.) The place is mostly mouseproofed. […]

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