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A bridge, a ferry–or an iceboat. How to get to Prince Edward Island

  I almost skipped Prince Edward Island. I had been on the fence about visiting the place from the beginning. Here’s why: What comes to mind when you think about Canada’s maritime provinces? I’m guessing the only provinces you’ve heard about (if you live in North America) are Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Right? […]

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The Monks of Rogersville

  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. This wasn’t my plan, but then, what in life goes according to plan? After returning in September from my trip to the Canadian maritimes that I’ve been telling you about, I had intended to move into my “home base” and have all kinds of time to […]

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Arnold the Acadian

  It was laundry day. When you are traveling, it’s always a challenge to find a place to wash your clothes–those grungy campground clothes that you have probably worn long past decency. You won’t find handy roadside signs pointing to laundromats. They won’t appear in your guidebook or on your GPS. In fact, some towns […]

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An Acadian Immersion

  The moment I walked into the Acadian Village (Take a left at Bathhurst, New Brunswick, and drive along the Acadian Peninsula an hour or so), I knew I was in for a long, tiring, but ultimately satisfying afternoon. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a sucker for anything museum-ish or historical. (I don’t do lighthouses, […]

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The Story of Acadia

  Once upon a time (because all good stories begin that way) an Old World stubbed its toe on a New One, causing all kinds of fuss. The people who were already living there, well, they were easy to cheat, kill, or shove aside. That’s a sad story, but it’s not this story. The people […]

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