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A palace for a Russian princess

  Once upon a time the Russians assassinated their Czars. A little later, they overthrew their Communist kings. But, as tends to happen in a vacuum, a new breed of royalty has oozed in to fill the power gap. In the absence of anyone else to model unbridled consumption, the Russians have their own brand of uber-rich captains of industry […]

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Museum crawling at the Met–New York City

  Some people do pub crawls. I do museums. I did one in Washington D.C., which is like crack to a museum junkie–three miles of world-class museums along the Washington Mall, AND ALL OF THEM ARE FREE! My children were hanging on my arms, pulling at my shirt, pleading, “Please, Momma, please, let’s leave. We’re hungry. We’re […]

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Wandering in Spanish Harlem, New York City

Winter bit down hard the day following my ramble through DUMBO and across the Brooklyn Bridge. Nonetheless, I decided to check out Spanish Harlem (also called El Barrio and East Harlem) This might have been overly ambitious. Temperatures had fallen at least 20 degrees overnight, and clouds scudded before a cold wind. I put on […]

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DUMBO-New York City

  If you are young, creative, and sure of yourself where else in the world would you squat but New York City? Full of raw energy and unbridled hubris, New York is the center of the universe for–you name it–music, art, fashion, theater, literature. Only trouble is–every other brash young creative type has the same idea. The result? Too many […]

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Wandering in Gramercy Park and Murray Hill–New York City

  Most Manhattan neighborhoods are  pretty well trammeled. Recently, however, I checked out two of the quieter east-side ‘hoods in midtown: Gramercy Park and Murray Hill. Beginning at Union Square, I zig-zagged randomly between 17th Street on the south and 42nd on the north and between 1st Avenue to the east and Park Ave to […]

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