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Bedbugs in New York City

Uglier than the backside of a baboon. More pernicious than a flesh-eating bacterium. More resilient than a bristlecone pine. It’s a plague. It’s an alien invasion. No, it’s super-bedbug! Scratch a New Yorker, and you’ll find a bedbug story. You’ll hear more myths and rumors than actual encounters, mind, but everyone here has a story. Gotham City […]

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The Sisters of St. Elizabeth

  I am shouldering my way through the Christmas Market at the tony Columbus Circle in Manhattan where the well-to-do, if not the rich and famous shop. The crowds are thick, and the shoulders are fierce. I am in my nearsighted Mr. Magoo MO, bumbling, stumbling, uncertain. Until I am brought up short by what […]

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(Almost) Walking Broadway, Manhattan, New York

  It is 10a.m. and I am at Battery Park, way at the southern tip of Manhattan. The sun is shining somewhere on this early December day, but in the shadow of these massive skyscrapers, it never touches ground. It is also slightly windy. Today I am walking the length of Broadway (the street, not […]

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Occupy Wall Street-Manhattan New York

  It is small,  loud,  disorganized, and motley. But despite, or maybe because of, these qualities, Occupy Wall Street thrives. Without leaders, without a unified message, without clear demands, the movement has the tenacity of a dandelion. When I got to New York City at the end of October, the big marches had already happened; […]

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How to respond to the poor (and how not to)

Not long ago I was in Oaxaca City with a mission group that was led by two priests. We had paused by some church or other when we noticed an old woman on the steps. She was tiny, as most Oaxacans are, and she was begging. Maybe she asked for money, maybe she didn’t, but the […]

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