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Faces of Mexico..and a peek ahead.

  Happy New Year to all my friends and faithful followers. As I’ve said many times: you make my travel rich and, always, you are the reason for this blog. Every time I think about quitting. Every time I’m tempted to just let my little opus slip quietly into the maw of the digital beast, […]

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The kindness of (Mexican) strangers

  One of the delightful things about traveling in Mexico is the people. If I may generalize, Mexican people are dignified, hardworking, devout, family-oriented, and very, very kind. If you’ve spent much time in Mexico, you know this is true. If you haven’t, you may be experiencing some jarring dissonance between this statement and your […]

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On the road again…to Mexico

  I am driving in my truck–the same vehicle that has faithfully hauled my butt across the continent for over two years when suddenly it hits me. This is it! I’m on the road again! My cabin is winterized. (A pernicious leak under the bathroom floor will wait till spring.) The place is mostly mouseproofed. […]

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The Pink Store

  When I told the folks at an RV park in Texas that I was headed to Columbus, New Mexico, they said, “Oh, you have to visit The Pink Store!” With a name like that, I knew I had to try. The Pink Store is located just south of the border from Columbus in Palomas, Mexico. I […]

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