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Step aside Egypt; Move over Greece. It’s Mexico’s turn.

  How come the Greeks and Romans have sucked up all the historic oxygen for centuries? How about a spotlight on equally interesting and advanced civilizations, like the Aztec (Mexica) and the Maya in Mexico, for example. Look in any direction in Mexico, and you’ll find the remains of civilizations almost as advanced as those […]

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The Miracle of Mata Ortiz: renaissance of a lost art

Juan Quezada was a goatherd, so the story goes, (or a collector of firewood or maguey cactus, depending on the story) in Mata Ortiz, a remote puebla in northern Mexico. His mother was happy that her young, uneducated but artistically inclined son was safely roaming the hills and mountains rather than fighting, for which he […]

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Paquim&#233-marketplace of the ancients

  A few years ago I was driving along the Arizona border when I stumbled across the Amerind Museum. It was a weird and eclectic hodge-podge of artifacts collected by a guy who was passionate about indigenous cultures. I wandered around, confused and amazed at the sheer doggedness such a collection demanded. Then I found […]

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Casas Grandes–getting there

  It was a rocky start, truth be told. “The bus leaves at 7:30 and 9:30. Every day, the same,” said the man with the Spanish accent on the phone. So now I’m sitting in a dingy, concrete storefront in Phoenix with my tidy luggage and my bag of snacks, like a forlorn wallflower waiting […]

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On the road again…to Mexico

  I am driving in my truck–the same vehicle that has faithfully hauled my butt across the continent for over two years when suddenly it hits me. This is it! I’m on the road again! My cabin is winterized. (A pernicious leak under the bathroom floor will wait till spring.) The place is mostly mouseproofed. […]

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