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Dancing in Mabou–Cape Breton Island

  If Prince Edward Island is the Canadian version of Ireland, Cape Breton Island is its Scotland. Even the name of the place carries the tang of salt sea and misty highland, don’t you think? The island is actually a chunk broken from the northern tip of Nova Scotia (New Scotland, get it?) and attached […]

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GPS malfunction in Nova Scotia

  I was afraid that Miss Julia might refuse to leave Prince Edward Island. We had both become fond of the “gentle island” in our few days there, but what with our gallant waiter’s phone number in her back pocket and a vague mention of a phantom job, who knew what plans might be brewing […]

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St. Anne’s Lobster Supper–and Some Fairy Dust

  I woke up in a dark mood this morning for no particular reason. In fact, I have every reason in the world to be joyful and grateful. But sometimes the neurotransmitters don’t get the memo. So, before noon the universe—or “grace” as I prefer to call it—had given me a nudge in the form […]

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An episode of foxes–Prince Edward Island

  Julia and I had seen some wildlife in the weeks we’d been traveling through the Canadian Maritimes. An eagle here. A deer or two there. A grouse. For the most part, I’d been counting on Miss Julia to spot the wildlife. Left to my own devices, I’m as blind as Mr. Magoo, whose whole […]

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At the Ceilidh–Prince Edward Island

  No one may visit Prince Edward Island without attending a ceilidh. Not allowed. Can’t happen. All visitors to the island must attend a ceilidh. And eat a lobster supper, but I’ll deal with that in the next post. Ceilidh (pronounced KAY-lee) is a Gaelic word for a social gathering that usually involves music and […]

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