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Across the broad St. Lawrence–a couple typical days on the road

  If you miss the bridge at Levis, maybe because you are distracted by the enticements of Quebec City, you will have to cross the St. Lawrence River by ferry farther north. At Quebec City, the St. Lawrence is still a river, but soon it widens into an estuary, then it becomes a bay, and […]

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St. Jean le Baptiste–“a veree important feast”

  “You must come to mass this Sunday,” said the little curé, who barely came to my shoulder. “It is a veree important day.” That Sunday happened to be the feast day of St. John the Baptist, as any good Catholic should know, but then, almost every day is some saint’s feast, and personally, I […]

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Quebec City, old and new, high and low

  I was on the city bus and didn’t know where to get off. Then I happened to glimpse the Porte St. Jean, down a side street. It was unmistakable. I had tried to read about Quebec City in advance, you know, to plan, to chart a course, to prepare like a good tourist, but […]

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Bienvenue a Quebec

  “You know, they speak French in Quebec,” a saucy gas station attendant had said, noting my confusion at his merci beaucoup. Well, for one thing, we were still in Ontario, and for another, I was trying to recall the French equivalent of “you’re welcome.” (Bonus points for anyone who remembers the word without looking […]

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O Canada!

  Time was, I felt sorry for all those Canuck travelers who attempted to flee the frozen tundra to thaw their toes for a week or two in our balmy southern climes. Back then, they paid dearly  for the idyll–back when our muscular dollar made travel to the US painfully expensive and travel to Canada […]

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