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Newfoundland–a colony of gannets and a primer

  First, pronunciation. I used to think that”Newfoundland” was pronounced without vowels. Newf’ndl’nd. And NOW I realize that I have no idea how it is pronounced. Wikipedia says it’s NewFUNDland. But I’ve also heard NewFOUNDland or NewfoundLAND. (Canucks, please enlighten me.) Either way, all the syllables are painstakingly pronounced. Except if you’re from Quebec. Then […]

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Finding the Acadian Village-Caraquet, New Brunswick

  “We can make it to New Brunswick today,” said Julia, “It’s not that far.” She was right. After a restful night and a late start from Monsieur Berthelot’s field, the New Brunswick provincial line was only 150 miles. Not that far. Except that I’m a wimp behind the wheel, so by about 4pm (or […]

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Quebec’s Gaspé: The Rocks of Percé

  Percé took me by surprise. I had heard of its famous rocks. (Les Rochers de Percé) I had heard of the Isle Bonaventure, which is a provincial park known for its huge colony of nesting gannets. I’d decided not to visit either because getting there involved complications: parking for the trailer, expense, making reservations […]

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How do you say “oil” in French?

  Julia and I are now 1300 miles into our trip in the Canadian Atlantic provinces, and my car needs an oil change. When you are towing your little home behind you over hill and dale, you become very attentive to its health and well-being. By now I know my Dodge Durango well. I know […]

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How to make salt cod

  It’s spring on the Forillon Peninsula way back in the day. Nets are mended; the small fishing boats are cleaned and caulked. The cod season is about to begin. Cod was fished along the Gaspé, the Labrador coast, and in Newfoundland for hundreds of years by Norsemen, Basque, British, and French, not to mention […]

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