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My 7 Super Shots

  No, not that kind of shot. Silly. What were you thinking? When Erik over at the travel blog On My Feet or In My Mind invited me to participate in a photography project sponsored by Hostelbookers, I was nonplussed. I am so totally NOT a photographer. Photos in this blog are just decoration, colorful bread crumbs that lead […]

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Young travelers vs. old–Part 2

  I was parked in the godforsaken desert near Slab City when a motorcycle pulled up next to my trailer. A short, grizzled, bandy-legged man dismounted, hitched up his pants, and strolled over, laying on me his killer pick-up line. “The last thing I expected to see was a beautiful blonde in the desert. How […]

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The existential questions of New Year’s Day

  Blessed is the life that finds joy in the journey. –E.M. Forster (I think) The first day of the new year is as refreshing as a midafternoon nap. It’s an interlude between the frenzy of merrymaking just past and the toil of daily life just ahead. It’s a sweet spot in the dead of winter. What better […]

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The Slab City Series #5-The pastors and the people

“I was on my way to Quartzsite, and I was reading a book. I got to Slab City, and I never finished the book.” What Rick did instead was to start the Haven, a drug- and alcohol-free place for people to hang out, grab a coffee, and often, to get help. It isn’t meant to […]

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The Slab City Series–#4 The day the dog died

“Did you hear what happened last night?” Scot was on his bike outside my trailer. “No.” I had heard some ruckus by the hot springs, but I locked my door and went to bed. “A bunch of kids beat up Jerry got pretty bad. I tried to stop them. By the time we got back […]

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