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Back to being trailer trash

  My trailer looked very small and frail beside my son’s big pole barn where it had spent the winter. Before I left for New York City last October, I had cleaned its rubber roof and waxed its fiberglass skin; I’d scrubbed its innards, emptied its tanks, blown out its pipes, and filled them with […]

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The Tiny House Movement and me

  I once had a kitchen with six junk drawers, and they were all full of junk. Now, I have one tiny drawer, no junk, and almost no kitchen. I once had a house with four bedrooms and 2100 square feet. Now I live in 66 square feet. I once had a queen-size bed, like most normal […]

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Tough question

“Is this your house?” The woman was 60-ish. Nicely coiffed and coutured. We had probably both attended high school at the same time. We had probably since followed a familiar trajectory—marriage, kids, job, maybe a divorce, maybe a second marriage. It was a logical question. I was “mature”—the elder female of the group. One would […]

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You can do it, Girlfriend: how to back up a trailer

I realize that many solo-road-tripping women would opt for a motorhome or a conversion van over a truck/trailer rig like mine. I looked into both when I was shopping for a full-time set-up. Eventually, I decided against a motorhome because even the small ones were, to my mind, too large. I wanted to navigate city […]

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Five Things I’ve Learned This Year

They say an addict never forgets the day he or she last used. The day I will never forget is June 10, 2010. That afternoon I walked away from a perfectly delightful, ordinary life to become a homeless wanderer. One year ago today. It’s been quite a ride—overwhelming, scary, exhilarating, incredible. I’ve learned to hitch up and […]

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