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Marfa and the Food Shark

“The Food Shark is coming! The Food Shark is coming!” someone cried. The crowd, which had been congenially gathered in the Marfa Book Co., stampeded toward the door. I didn’t know whether to duck-and-cover or to elbow my way to the center of the crowd. For years Marfa had been a sleepy little Texan town […]

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My Illegal Scorpion

  For hundreds of miles the Rio Grande defines that tense border between Mexico and the U.S. At Big Bend, that stretch of harsh desert region, however, the two neighbors historically have had to rely on each other to survive. The border in Big  Bend has often been a permeable boundary—easily and casually crossed to the benefit of both sides. […]

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The Metaphor of the Hike

  During my week at Big Bend, I completed three hikes. They were nice, moderate hikes–about five miles each, round-trip. They each ended at some wonderful destination, and then I returned by the same route. As I trundled merrily (or sweatily) over hill and dale, it occurred to me how a good, stiff hike resembles life. Were […]

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Big Bend–El Despoblado

  I’m sure park rangers see people like me all the time waltzing into their visitor centers full of excitement and stupid questions. This was my second visit to Big Bend, a huge and isolated national park at the southern tip of Texas where the Rio Grande makes its first major loop. And I WAS very […]

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Creature of light

  “God put it on my heart to do this when I was sixteen. Jesus spoke to me three times one morning. It was like a voice I heard with my ears. He called me by my name and said, ‘Seek me and you will find me.’ ” Ordinarily, when a conversation takes this turn, […]

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