Who I am


So I got rid of the non-essentials. I sold the car, the house, the fine china. I quit the day job. Then I began a long road trip around North America in a Dodge Durango (great car!) and a pint-sized trailer.


I'm the little one in the middle

Guess which one is me

I spent months in the American West, sometimes in far, far out-of-the-way spots. I visited a bunch of national parks and other places of staggering beauty. I traveled with my youngest daughter all over the Canadian Maritimes. I lived with another daughter and son-in-law in New York City for six months while I cared for my baby grandson.

Sometimes I’ve been afraid; sometimes I’ve felt like a transient and a weirdo. I’m not the grandma with the apron and rolling pin. I’m not the mom whose lifestyle is easy to explain.

But mostly I’ve been knocked off my pins by how rich and unpredictable and beautiful this world is.

Recently, I was given (given!) a home base in my home state of Michigan. So now I have a place to return to and a bedroom for visitors. I have a tiny lawn and a porch and a little mix-and-match china. I can visit the kids and grandkids without traveling too far. And despite all my reservations about being tied down, this deal was just too sweet to pass up.

But I’m not done with the travel. Not by a long shot. All the reasons I started on this walkabout still hold: Too much to see; too little time.

So, this blog is the story of the journey down the southern slope— the far side of life. It’s about the places I pass through; the people I meet; the surprising, quirky, and serendipitous things that happen. It’s about the kind of flexibility that allows me to boondock in the desert or to be granny-nanny in Manhattan or to stay put at my home base. To respond, in other words, to whatever life puts before me at the moment.

It’s also about the epiphanies and transformations that occur just because I’m out there, somewhere, in a receptive space at the right time.

A few biographical factoids:

  • I’ve been married, widowed, remarried, divorced, and am now happily single.
  • I have six kids. Amazing, talented kids—like yours. Three grandkids, who are as incredible as their parents.
  • I’ve worked as a freelance writer all my life. Partly because I’m constitutionally incapable of working in an office and also because I needed a job I could do from home. To understate the situation just a tad.
  • I taught college English for a few years and loved it.
  • I’m Catholic. Which only describes the skin, not the organs—the app, not the operating system. Throughout my somewhat tumultuous life, I have known, felt, moved within, and been informed by God, who by any other name smells as sweet.  That ground of all being. That I AM. That source and fountain of all good. As I wend my way down this far side, I am so incredibly grateful, so greatly blessed.

Finally, you need to know that you are the reason for this blog—all of you who read, comment, like, tweet, pin, and Google+. In the kingdom of the blogosphere, my little project barely exists. It’s an embarrassingly tiny blip in the maw of the mighty SEO beast. Your loyal (tenacious? stubborn?) following makes it worthwhile to me. You are, honestly, the only reason I blog.

So thank you, and please keep the social media luv going. Lord knows, I completely suck at it.