My work


I’ve been a professional freelance writer since 1984. (Yeah, I know. That’s a long time.) I began writing feature articles for newspapers and magazines, such as Working Mother, Kiwanis, The Rotarian,and Nation’s Business. Some of these don’t even exist anymore. I was a contributing editor for a city magazine and its sister publications for over 10 years.

I wrote one book, Young Widow, which was published by Zondervan, a division of Harper Collins, and  I’ve contributed to several others.

I’ve done corporate writing for companies large and small, but especially for Herman Miller, a knowledge and design leader in office furniture. Office furniture may seem like white bread, but when you work for a company this dynamic, ethical, and creative, you not only feel good about it, but you also get to do some great work with awesome people. And you are paid well.

In case you’re interested, a few electronic samples of my corporate work are here, here, and here.

Before going on the road, I taught English Composition at West Shore Community College for eight years, which was a surprisingly delightful foray into a different line of work.

In 2000, I published a series of essays for, “Permanent Vacation,” about a long road trip with my family. Ten years later, the journey continues…

I’m still accepting work. If you have a project, please contact me. I may be trippin’, but I’m also working.